Execution Only

Freedom at its best.


Maximum security in complete freedom

If your requirements are freedom and autonomy, our Execution Only solution is the right one for you.
In any case, our organization will be there by your side to monitor your portfolio and draw your attention to any risks and situations that require full understanding.

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  • Management of assets deposited in Switzerland

    Thanks to the synergies with the parent company and in line with current regulations, we offer you asset management by depositing your account with Banca del Sempione SA. 

  • Discretionary Service

    We redefine the traditional concept of wealth management. We manage your savings methodically, with attention to detail, risk mitigation and a focus on sustainability.

  • Advisory Service

    Our process begins with listening carefully to your needs: we give you the time it takes to get to know your story and understand your perspectives and your goals. All designed to create a tailor-made service for you.

  • Execution Only

    If your requirements are freedom and autonomy, our Execution Only solution is the right one for you.

  • Additional Services

    As well as investment management, we offer a full range of services to meet all your needs.

Do you want to learn more about our services or discuss your financial needs?

Sempione SIM

(Brokerage Firm) SpA
Registered, operating and administrative office
Via M. Gonzaga 2
I – 20123 Milan
Tel. +39 02 30 30 35 1
Fax +39 02 30 30 35 22/24

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